BIBINIESHVILI, Adjara, Georgia

Pergola Trained vineyard in Adjara. Chkhaveri paradise.

Father and son Iveri and Luka Bibienshvili farm three locations at different altitudes within the appellation of Adjara in South West Georgia close to the Black Sea and Turkish border. Originally this are was famous for wine but due to the favorable climate for citrus and tea cultivation the vineyards were replaced with a crop more valuable to the Russian occupiers. Today the variety is being resurrected and every year more land is under vine.

Bibinieshvili “Aia Yi” This is it! is a singular wine that taste of tea, citrus, fresh tobacco and cherries made from Chkhaveri, a very rare grape that only a handful of producers continue to cultivate. Aged in stainless steel for three months with the skins it is also tannic. An amazing wine for pairing with food it goes with almost everything.